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The Complete Kratom Guide

Although kratom has been used for many thousands of years, it has recently become popular in the west, and it is making a lot of waves. From its vast medicinal effects to its safety in comparison to the many alternatives, it has become a medicine of choice for a large amount of people.


This plant originated in Southeastern Asia, and grows wildly in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia (Borneo, Sumatra, Bali, etc) and even in Vietnam, and even still, the vast majority of kratom that is sold is grown in one of these areas and exported throughout the world.

Sadly, in some countries, such as Thailand, the long cultural history of use has been crushed under the weight of prohibition, as it was a competitor to the opium trade, which was a large source of income for the Thai government.


The effects of this plant are the reason that this plant has become so popular so quickly, and it is these effects which are also the reason why it has been used so commonly for thousands of years in SE Asia.
Some of the most prominent of this plants effects include:

• Pain Relief
• Stress Relief
• Euphoria
• Energy
• Creativity
• Opiate withdrawal relief

And much, much more.

The most common reason this plant is used, however, is for pain relief, and it is this area in which it really shines. Many have switched from more dangerous and addictive painkillers to kratom, with even more painkilling effectiveness.
The reason this plant is so effective at painkilling is the high levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine found in this plant, which is a potent yet safe opiod.

Another big reason that this plant is used is for relief from opiate withdrawal. Because kratom is quite similar to opiates, but without many of the negative effects and addiction potential, it has been used by many to successfully get off of either prescribed or street opiate compounds with very good results.

There are many other uses of this plant, which are covered in this guide to kratom.


As briefly mentioned, the reason that this plant is so effective for such a vast range of conditions is due to the large range of potent alkaloids that are found in this plant’s leaves. Some of these alkaloids include:

• 7-hydroxymitragynine (A very potent pain reliever, mood boosting compound)
• Mitragynine (Pain reliever, energetic, mood lifting)
• Speciogynine (muscle relaxant)
• Mitraphylline (muscle relaxant, blood pressure lowering, anti-inflammatory)
• EGC (Antioxidant, Antiviral, anti-inflammatory)
• Isomitraphylline (immune system stimulant)
• Ciliaphylline (painkiller)

For those who think this is a fairly long list, it isn’t even close to the total amount of alkaloids and compounds found within the leaves of this plant. There are over 27 identified alkaloids alone found within this plant’s leaves.
Kratom is a fantastic, versatile and potent plant, and can help almost any condition to some extent. For those who haven’t tried it, I highly suggest it.