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Crushed Leaf Kratom Vs. Kratom Powder

Years ago, almost every kratom seller offered their kratom strains in both crushed leaf and powder form, but over the past 5 years, things have changed dramatically. Now it is very uncommon to find crushed leaf kratom at all, however, although it is rare to find, crushed leaf powder does have some benefits.

The biggest benefit of crushed leaf kratom over powder is that it can be used quite easily for tea. Unlike kratom powder, straining crushed leaf out of kratom kratom tea is a quite simple and easy process. A downside is that it takes much longer to make equivalently potent tea with leaf because there is less surface area to absorb the alkaloids.

Another benefit of crushed kratom is that you can grind the leaf to your own ideal grind, as discussed here. Some vendors sell extremely fine kratom powder, which, while potent, has a much shorter duration than more densely ground kratom. I know many who use kratom for pain relief, and prefer more densely ground kratom as it tends to last much longer than flour-ground kratom.

Another benefit is that you know exactly what you are getting, 100% plant material. With powder, it is much more difficult to tell.

Although kratom powder is much more common, those who haven’t tried using crushed leaf should definitely try it.