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How I Use Kratom for Anxiety

I’ve heard a lot of debate recently about using kratom for anxiety. There seems to be a big divide between those who take kratom, some say it is highly effective while others say it’s ineffective. Although I’m not arrogant enough to assume that I have all the answers, I do know that kratom has had a big effect on anxiety levels for me.

When I initially started taking kratom, I dealt with some anxiety. Although, I can’t say it was too severe, as I have seen severe anxiety firsthand and know how debilitating it can be, it was unpleasant to say the least.
Since I started taking kratom, my anxiety levels have dropped to basically nothing. I haven’t experienced anxiety in quite a long time, and even when I stop taking kratom, I rarely experience anxiety. I’m not sure if this is an effect of the kratom, or a different personal development, but the two coincide quite well.

I have noticed, however, that in some cases, such as panic attacks, kratom is mostly ineffective. The reason for this is that it is simply not fast-acting enough. The only option to make it effective, is to have kratom tea ready, and chug it down quickly while in a panicked state, which is difficult. For generalized anxiety, however, kratom seems to be quite effective.

How I Use Kratom for Anxiety

In my experience, the best way to take kratom for anxiety is sporadically, as confirmed here. Once you develop a tolerance to kratom, it becomes somewhat less effective. For this reason, a good way to use kratom for anxiety is to take it before you enter a situation that you know will provoke anxiety. For people with social anxiety, this can be as simple as going out to the store.

Another option, which can be used on top of situational use, is to take kratom when you feel anxiety coming on. Typically, if taken in powder form, it will take around 30 minutes for the anti-anxiety effects to kick in, and will continue to last for about 4 to 5 hours, depending upon the strain.

Strain is important when using kratom for anxiety. It is important to avoid strains like maeng da or thai, as they may provoke anxiety even further. The best strains in my experience are bali, borneo and indo. You want to avoid all stimulating strains if at all possible, and for new strains, it is a good idea to try them at a low dose to ensure they won’t provoke anxiety further.

For most situations, using kratom for anxiety is quite good. While taking it during a panic attack is difficult, it can help prevent panic attacks if taken beforehand. Although kratom may not be the end-all cure for anxiety, it can be a huge help to those who suffer from it.