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Kratom Strains for Creativity

Although kratom has been taken for years, only recently have people publicly been putting it to good use as a creativity and inspiration augmenter as is often seen in social kratom communities. There are a vast range of different strains that can help with creativity, and each of them are fairly unique, but they do often share some common characteristics, such as energy.

This brief post has the goal of providing you with what strains are best for this purpose, and what makes them different as well, so that you can pick one that fits your best.


The thai strain is by far the one most commonly used for creativity, and is typically the most energetic of all different kratom strains. Although the pain relief of this variety is typically low compared to some of the below strains, such as maeng da, the burst of energy and focus it provides are second to none.

Maeng Da
This is by far the most well-known of all kratom strains, quite justifiably too, as it provides both high levels of energy as well as pain relief. Although the focus provided by this strain isn’t as high as Thai, but is more euphoric, which can provide additional inspiration and creativity.


Malay strains are quite “middle-of-the-road” in comparison to most other varieties of kratom, providing both moderate levels of energy and pain relief, however, many have noted the exceptional focus-promoting abilities of this strain. For those who want focus and creativity without too much stimulation, this strain is great.

White Vein Borneo

This variety of borneo is the only variety that is fit for creativity enhancing purposes. The reason for this is that this strain provides a natural, smooth euphoria, which can be good for inspiration and creative thinking, but less so for actual hands-on work. Nonetheless, it is still one of the better varieties for this purpose.

Any of these strains can be fantastic for increasing creativity, and each person responds differently to each of these, so testing them yourself may be necessary.